Best Places To Eat In Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

About 1 million people come to visit Gettysburg National Military Park each year, a fantastic mixture of history buffs, ghost hunters, outdoor enthusiasts, and more. And while we think we offer some of the best attractions this historic town has to offer, we also believe the restaurant options are fantastic as well.

If you’re wondering what the best places are to eat in Gettysburg, we have some great recommendations. From the Historic 1776 Dobbin House Tavern to the quaint Sunset Ice Cream Parlor, you’ll find options nearby to suit your taste.

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Read further to get a nice list of breakfast, lunch, and dinner options to sate your appetites while you take a break from visiting nearby sites with Gettysburg Battlefield Tours.

Where to Eat Breakfast in Gettysburg

There’s an abundance of choices. People come from outside the county just to enjoy breakfast in one of Gettysburg’s many restaurants.

Popular Spots for Lunch in Gettysburg

Some of the best places to eat in Gettysburg are at lunchtime and we suggest you begin at Hunt’s Battlefield Fries & Café. The staff focuses on preparing fresh food that’s delicious and prepared efficiently so you can make the most of your time spent in Gettysburg. Specialty sandwiches like the Chopped Hot Buffalo Cheesesteak or the Cheeseburger Sub as well as various salad options and kid’s menu items make this venue the perfect spots for families to find lunch.

The Sunset Ice Cream Parlor may convince you to enjoy a lunch entirely of frozen deliciousness. With more than 30 flavors, including area-appropriate names such as Sunset Delight, Yankee Hurrah, and Rebel Yell, anyone with a sweet tooth will be sufficiently satisfied.  They have outdoor seating and orders are placed at their window. There’s also Mr. G’s Ice Cream Shop, open 7 days a week until mid-November and weekends until Christmas. Here, you’ll find amazing flavors of homemade ice cream as well as soft serve.

Looking for vegetarian or gluten-free options? O’Rorke’s offers a variety of salads and soups, as well as hefty handheld sandwiches, burgers, and baskets of beer-battered favorites. The restaurant is named after a Civil War hero, Colonel Patrick Henry “Paddy” O’Rorke.

The following list of suggested venues for dinner are also great choices for lunch.

Find Gettysburg Restaurants for Dinner

The Historic 1776 Dobbin House Tavern is always a popular dining destination. While it’s open 11:30 a.m.-9 p.m. every day and its lunches are delightful, you’ll want to keep it in mind for dinner especially, served daily from 5-9 p.m. This is the oldest standing structure in the town limits of Gettysburg. You’ll experience a genuine tavern atmosphere. Savor fork-tender beef, baked king’s onion soup, stuffed shrimp and garlic, and other culinary delights. Then celebrate with a Dobbin House Spirit like Rum Bellies Vengeance or a Cannon in the Orchard.

The Pike Restaurant is another great dining choice while in Gettysburg. They’re open Monday and Wednesday, 4-8 p.m.; Thursday-Saturday, 11 a.m.-9 p.m.; Sunday 11 a.m.-8 p.m., and closed on Tuesday. Main entrees include choices like Boneless NY Strip, Grilled Salmon, and various Pennsylvania Traditionals. All entrees come with sides and dinner rolls and prices are family-friendly.

Historic Farnsworth House Inn offers casual dining at Sweney’s Tavern or formal dining in the Meade & Lee dining rooms. Reservations are required for the Meade & Lee dining rooms but well worth it. Enjoy the house specialty: Game Pie made with turkey, duck, and pheasant. Confederate sharpshooters took position in the home’s attic during the Battle of Gettysburg. One of the sharpshooters is believed to have fired the bullet that accidentally hit Jennie Wade.

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