The next time you’re going to search on “fun things to do near me,” try looking up “things to do in Gettysburg, PA” instead to see what turns up! We think you’ll find something very much like our list of historical attractions below, which will help you make the most of your next trip to Gettysburg!

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Shriver House Museum

Dedicated to the civilian experience. Guided tour of Shriver family’s home and business: Shriver’s Saloon & Ten-Pin Alley. One of the wealthiest families in town, their home was occupied by Confederate sharpshooters; two soldiers killed in the house. Live civil war bullets discovered during 1996 restoration. Period garden; bullet holes. Allow 1 hour.

Call (717) 337-2800 for times.

seminary ridge museum

Seminary Ridge Museum

Gettysburg’s Seminary Ridge Museum features three areas of emphasis not focused on anywhere else in Gettysburg including the First Day Battle, July 1, 1863, on the very site where it happened, Civil War field medicine in the building that was the largest Field Hospital at Gettysburg; and the larger issues of Faith and Freedom.  Closed Tuesday and Wednesday.

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jennie wade house museum

Jennie Wade House Museum

Experience the tragedy of Jennie Wade, the only civilian killed during the Battle of Gettysburg.

Please see Jennie Wade House page for hours.


gettysburg heritage center Gettysburg Heritage Center

Witness the town of Gettysburg through the eyes of the civilians. Interactive displays, 3-D videos, artifacts and story board panels tell the story in a way that will entertain and educate the entire family!
Included is the Civil War Trust’s award-winning “Gettysburg: Animated Map,” movie; the perfect orientation to the battle and the battlefield!

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Gettysburg History Center- Presents The Gettysburg Diorama Gettysburg History Center- Presents The Gettysburg Diorama

Stand face to face with those whose roles shaped and created the Battle of Gettysburg. Enlighten your senses with a walk through Pickets Charge as the battle unfolds around you. See the famous Gettysburg Diorama presenting the Battle of Gettysburg in a fully narrated, truly unique and original light and sound experience.

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Gettysburg Beyond The Battle Museum

Gettysburg Beyond the Battle Museum is located inside the new home of the Adams County Historical Society, a 29,000-square-foot complex. It features twelve galleries of immersive exhibits exploring more than three centuries of American history, all from the perspective of one very famous community.

In addition, the museum will host frequent history programs for all ages inside a stunning event venue and education center overlooking the battlefield. The complex will also include a spacious library and archives where visitors can access some of Gettysburg’s rarest archival holdings, including hundreds of civilian accounts from the Battle of Gettysburg and Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address.

Hours: Call 717-334-44723 for times


WWII American Experience

The WWII American Experience museum and education center strives to educate the public about the American sacrifices made during the world’s largest conflict of the 20th century, both on the battlefield and on the Homefront, and honor their dedication to win the war and preserve freedom. Here, you can experience a wide variety of authentic WWII vehicles, uniforms and artifacts in realistic dioramas and exhibits that portray, not just the battlefield, but the Homefront as well.

Hours: Call (717) 253-3414 for times


Not interested in a Bus Tour, but want to visit attractions.  The Museum Plan is a great option.

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  • 3 of Gettysburg’s greatest historic attractions.
  • 3 to 5 hours worth of entertainment and enjoyment!
  • Tickets do not need to be used all in one day.  They can be used throughout your stay.
  • Tickets can be purchased at Gettysburg Tours, 778 Baltimore Street, Gettysburg, PA 17325.

The Museum Plan is available for purchase at Gettysburg Tours, 778 Baltimore Street, Gettysburg, PA 17325.