100 Nights of Taps Tuesday, May 29-Monday, September 3, 2018

At the Soldiers’ National Cemetery, 7 PM.  Free to the public.  Each night a different bugler will play “Taps” as a tribute to the fallen of Gettysburg and veterans of all wars interred there.  Presented by Gettysburg National Military  Park.  Call 717-334-1124, ext. 8023 for details.

Georgia Your Sister Is Dead–Tuesday, July 3rd at 7 PM

On Tuesday, July 3rd, the anniversary of Jennie Wade’s death, the tragic story of the only civilian to die during the battle of Gettysburg will be told by the “Ghosts” of those who were closest to Jennie in life and death.

Start your evening in the room where she met her fate as a confederate bullet accidentally ended her life.  Hear the story of her death as told by the ghost of Jennie’s mother Mary who was an eye witness on July 3, 1863.

Journey through the structure following the route that the Union soldiers traversed as they escorted Jennie’s family to safety.  The spirit of Captain Emil Koenig (58th NY Infantry) will escort you along as he remembers the desperate moments, the anxiety, the fear of death and the courage.  All of these emotions were felt by soldiers and family alike that awful day.

Having survived the trip through the house, you will be escorted to the cellar where the confused ghost of Jennie’s Father, James awaits.  There he will try to explain what he remembers about the family and the death of his daughter, but also the uncertain outcome of the battle outside.  (Did you know that Jennie’s father went insane?)

As your visit draws to a conclusion, don’t be surprised if there isn’t one more ghost lurking in the shadows.  Do you dare to be there to find out?

This theatrical production lasts approximately one hour and is sponsored by Ghostly Images.  Tour departs from The Jennie Wade House, 548 Baltimore Street, Gettysburg, PA  17325.

Tickets can be purchased online at or at Ghostly Images of Gettysburg (717) 334-1156, Gettysburg Tours (717) 334-6296, option 1 or in person at the Jennie Wade House, 548 Baltimore Street, Gettysburg, PA  17325.  Advance ticket purchase is recommended as tours do sell out.

Gettysburg Summer Interpretive Programs Saturday, June 9-Sunday, August 12  

Free to the public.  Tours begin at various locales and days throughout the summer.  Includes Meade’s Headquarters Open House, Battlefield in a Box, and Pickett’s Charge hike.  Call 717-334-1124, ext. 8023, visit  or inquire at the ranger’s desk upon arrival at the Gettysburg Museum & Visitor Center, 1195 Baltimore Pike.

WWII in Gettysburg – The People and Places–Every Saturday at 1 PM

Gettysburg Tours, Inc has partnered with the expert guides of Historic Leadership Training to offer a brand new tour showcasing a different side of Gettysburg military history. Ride along and take a look at the people and places that played a part in the Allied victory in World War II. You will visit a prisoner-of-war camp.  Learn why an intelligence camp was located here, training specialized troops for psychological warfare.

Hear stories of the navy’s map-making operation preparing for the invasion of Japan, and consider the scrap drive that almost took some of the battlefield’s most famous monuments. Find out what sacrifices Gettysburg’s citizens made to help the war effort.

You will also hear moving stories of WWII veterans buried in the national cemetery (yes, the one that Lincoln dedicated). From Pearl Harbor to the Battle of the Bulge to Guadalcanal, these war-time casualties encompass all theaters of the war and all branches of the military service.

Key war-time leaders have traveled here to pay their respects including Dwight D. Eisenhower, who chose to move here. Your guide can share details of their visits to Gettysburg, as you see this famous little town from a fresh perspective.

WW II Tour 

Every Saturday at 1 PM through October 27, 2018.

Haunted Bus Tour Saturday, June 16th at 8 PM  

To add to this adventure and give our guests what they want in a tour we are adding an unexpected twist and scare to the traditional “BUS TOUR”. On this 1 hour 45 minute journey you will still depart the bus at the Sachs Bridge and starting this year at The Gettysburg College for tales of the unexplained. But be aware, there are strange encounters awaiting you as you journey the countryside. Who knows what awaits you in the darkness of the night! Depart the bus two times during tour.  Adults $24; Children (ages 6-12) $19.  Purchase tickets at or call (717) 334-1156.  Every Saturday Night through September 1st and also Sunday, September 2nd. Tour begins at Gettysburg Tours, 778 Baltimore Street, Gettysburg, PA 17325.

What to do on a Rainy Day in Gettysburg

This spring we’ve seen an abundance of rain in Gettysburg. As you can imagine, the number of questions we field regarding rainy day activities has been at an all-time high. Fortunately, Gettysburg has more than enough to see and do, and it’s a perfect destination no matter what the weather brings.

To help eliminate some of the stress of planning last-minute rainy day activities, we put together a list of our favorite things to do when the weather is wet.

  1. Battlefield Bus Tours – You may not be able to enjoy the fresh air from the open top deck during one of our world-famous double decker bus tours, but you can still tour the battlefield in one of our climate controlled buses. Whether you choose a guided bus tour or a dramatized audio bus tour, you can tour the historic Gettysburg Battlefield and watch history come alive through the voice of a licensed National Park guide – or a cast of Hollywood actors, complete with sound effects, playing over the speakers!

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Visit the Gettysburg Heritage Center

Formerly the American Civil War Wax Museum, the Gettysburg Heritage Center is one of the newest attractions in Gettysburg, opened in May 2015. A favorite among guests who add it to their Value Plan, and a great place to begin your visit to Gettysburg, the Gettysburg Heritage Center and Museum is dedicated to our fascinating town, its citizens, artifacts, and authentic historical displays.

Implementing a variety of teaching methods, the Gettysburg Heritage Center strives to leave every guest with the knowledge of a critical juncture in our nation’s history. Telling stories through three-dimensional photos and programs, story boards, displays, artifacts, and a movie, the Gettysburg Heritage Center will leave a lasting impression on each guest who walks through its doors. Learn what life was like for civilians and soldiers during the Civil War. Continue reading