Famous Investigations

As Ghostly Images celebrates its 19th year (our first tour was in August of 2003), we look back with pride on what we have accomplished. We’re honored to have played host to many of the biggest names in the ghost hunting and paranormal communities as they visited our haunted sites.

In 2008, Most Haunted Live from England, seen on the Travel Channel, visited Gettysburg to do a live seven-hour investigation at various sites. They were so excited by the activity at the Jennie Wade House that at the end of the night they proclaimed it the “most haunted site” in Gettysburg.

That exposure has led to a stream of requests for time at our sites. Chip Coffey from “Paranormal State” and “Psychic Kids,” seen on A&E as well as John Zaffis, who hosts “Haunted Collector” on the SciFi channel, have honored us with visits while in town for appearances at paranormal conferences. Both of them were extremely professional and a pleasure to work with.

2010 was a busy year. In April we had the opportunity to work with the Discovery Channel’s “Ghost Lab.” Brothers Barry and Brad Klinge, avid ghost hunters and paranormal lead investigators, spent hours at both the Jennie Wade House and the Homestead Orphanage. They performed a variety of experiments, trying to bring the spirits through to our side. Their efforts resulted in a number of EVP (electronic voice phenomenon) recordings and other unexplainable experiences. That was enough evidence for Brad to list the Jennie Wade House on his “10 Most Haunted List.”

Late in June and early July of that year, “Ghost Adventures” of the Travel channel came to town. Nick, Aaron and Zak have become some of the most recognizable ghost hunting experts on T.V. and we were proud to be included in their production. Even though they have achieved celebrity status they took the time to talk not only to Ghostly Images tour members, but they went over and above to meet and greet the public.

If you get to see the re-run of that episode, you will see for yourself the evidence they collected. From EVP recordings to physical activity in both buildings: the proof was there. Enough so that Zak wrote an article for the USA Today Newspaper, August 13, 2010, placing the Orphanage on his top 10 “Freakiest places for a Friday the 13th!”

For the past three years, Fox 43 News from Harrisburg has honored us with visits in the Fall for their morning news program. News personality, Melanie Gardner, has taken the cameras through each building and last Fall showcased our “mini” version of “Ghostly Encounter,” where the guide dramatically portrays a ghost that has returned from the dead.

On July 19th 2013, the History channel debuted a new paranormal show on H2. In 2012 they filmed a Gettysburg episode that included both the Jennie Wade House and the Homestead Orphanage. Check your local listings for dates and times of repeat episodes on H2 and see what the experts think of our buildings and be sure to join the ghost hunt!

In 2014, the popular “Ghost Hunters” on SYFI invited TAPS to assist in investigating the Soldier’s Museum and the Jenny Wade House. The museum was once the  Homestead Orphanage. Many have reported seeing and hearing ghost children at that location. At the Wade house, two teams report seeing a black mass and their FLIR camera registers a human form walking the grounds.

We are very excited about upcoming investigations! Stay tuned!