Benefits of Hiring a Charter Bus


charter service flyer with several gettysburg buses If your company or large group is planning a trip, let Gettysburg Group Reservations put together the experience of a lifetime for you! Our charter services go far beyond the hallowed grounds of Gettysburg and can offer transportation to nearby tourist hubs such as Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York, or Washington D.C.

Charter bus transportation is a great option for a variety of groups; schools, businesses, tour groups, and even large extended families can enjoy easy, reliable transportation to your exciting destination. But what are some of the benefits you may not have even thought of?


When it comes to transporting a large group of people, safety should be a top priority. With a charter service, your driver will be well-versed in driving through all weather conditions and is committed to delivering passengers safely to their destination. Plus, all members of your party can take a quick power nap to remain alert and active while at their destination!

Environmentally Friendly

When you think of a huge charter bus, the last thing you probably think of is fuel efficiency. However, a fully-loaded charter bus is actually five times more fuel efficient than a fully loaded car, and we can take your entire group! Taking one vehicle also eliminates losing cars in busy city traffic.


Charter transportation can be used for a huge variety of purposes; from airport transportation to city touring, buses are a great way to avoid expensive parking and overnight fees. Our charter services can also bring you from one attraction to another, eliminating the need to walk or pay for a taxi service while at your destination.

Save Money

While the cost of a charter bus isn’t low, when split between each person on the trip it’s more affordable than driving several separate cars. The cost is much lower than that of a plane ticket, and there’s no security lines or tedious layovers to deal with. Simply arrive on time and head straight to your destination; all at a lower cost than any other form of transportation!

Enjoy the Ride!

With Gettysburg Group Reservations, you’ll enjoy a professional, knowledgeable driver behind the wheel and stress less about the travel time. You can kick back and enjoy the sights that would otherwise go unnoticed in the frustration of traffic and crowded highways.

Interested in booking your charter bus through Gettysburg Group Reservations? Click here to book your tour! To speak to one of our representatives, give us a call at 800-447-8788; we look forward to planning your trip with you!