Ideas for Group Trips

large group of students and chaperones in front of a monument in Gettysburg Whether you have just a little or lots of time to spend in Gettysburg and the surrounding areas, we will create the perfect itinerary for your group. See below for some sample itineraries created by GGR.

Suggested itineraries for all interests:


Girl Scouts at Gettysburg

Girl Scout trips to Gettysburg are a great way to explore history, travel through time, and maybe even earn some badges. With tour ideas customized for every Girl Scout level from Juniors through Cadettes and Seniors, you’re bound to find a tour that meets everyone’s wish list!

Take a guided battlefield monument walk to pay your respects to both armies’ fallen soldiers, then explore the Jennie Wade House and the Homestead Orphanage to hear their stories – and maybe even meet their spirits! Earn your badges in a unique way – a Gettysburg girl scout patch is one you’ll remember forever.

4 Hours in Gettysburg

Consider this: you’re part of a large wedding party in Gettysburg for the weekend. The group is looking for a way to fill the afternoon before the rehearsal dinner – what do you do? The answer is simple: sign on for a 4-hour crash course of Gettysburg!

You’ll begin your Gettysburg tour in the National Military Park Visitor Center and end it with a licensed guided Battlefield Tour. Just because your time is limited doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy every moment of it!

Immersed Into History

Have you ever wondered what both sides of the battle were thinking and feeling? We’re giving you the opportunity to immerse yourself in history for two days with our Gettysburg tours! Visit our incredible variety of museums and tour the battlefield where both blue and red blood was shed.

Enjoy time-authentic food and experience the true locations that were rocked by the battle. By the time you leave our Gettysburg tours, you’ll feel like you truly lived in Gettysburg at the time of the battle.

History & Hauntings

Gettysburg was the bloodiest battle of the Civil War, leaving hundreds of thousands of souls unsettled and seeking peace to this day. Gettysburg ghost tours unearth the haunted past and allow the spirits to tell their own stories. If paranormal investigation piques your interest, choose a Gettysburg ghost hunt package to see the magic come alive for yourself.

Our period-dressed guides will lead your Gettysburg ghost tours, laying out the fear and mystery emblazoned in each of the souls you’ll hear about. But be warned – some of these spirits may just want to come back and tell the tale themselves!

Boy Scouts at Gettysburg

Gettysburg can be an exciting adventure for any age group – plan your boy scout trips to Gettysburg and watch the history come alive! This four-day, three-night tour of historic Gettysburg will help your troop gain knowledge and insight to the war-ravaged terrain we now call home.

Start your Gettysburg boy scout patch hunt with camping and storytelling, then hike the historic Gettysburg Trail, Billy Yank Trail, and Johnny Reb Trail across three days. Finish off by joining the ranks at the Seminary Ridge Museum.

Seniors In Gettysburg

Gettysburg is designed to be enjoyable for visitors of any age and background. We’ve created Gettysburg bus tours for nearly every demographic – including seniors! This two-day tour begins at the Seminary Ridge Museum where you’ll view the battlefield through the same windows as the Union soldiers that July 1st, 1863, followed by the Heritage Center and a delicious dinner buffet at General Pickett’s.

Cap off day two with a famous Battlefield Bus Tour and a visit to the Jennie Wade house before heading to Emmitsburg, MD for a fabulous dinner. Gettysburg tour packages are a great way to explore the town in a way you’ve never experienced before, so join us for an unforgettable experience!

Farm to Palette

Do you like to indulge in delicious food and drink when you visit new places? Gettysburg tours are loaded with opportunities for you! Visit Gettysburg for a Farm to Palate experience you’ll never forget.

From Hickory Bridge Farm to Adams County Winery and Mason Dixon Distillery, Gettysburg tour packages are here to excite and delight every palate. Join us at Gettysburg Group Reservations to discover the perfect meal right in the heart of Pennsylvania.