Ghostly Encounters

a guide for our ghostly encounters tours For those of you looking to turn your ghost adventure up a notch, enjoy a unique variation on the walking tour with our Ghostly Encounter tour. On this 90-minute tour, your guide IS A GHOST! During this haunting adventure your ghost guide will be telling their haunted tales just as they experienced them so many years before. Travel into their haunted homes to find out why their spirits remain trapped there, and perhaps you’ll experience the same frightening sensation. The options for your cast of ghostly characters are indicated by Orphanage or Jennie Wade on the schedule and may include:

Head Mistress, Rosa Carmichael (Orphanage tour)

Mary Virginia Wade (Jennie Wade tour)

Mary Wade (Jennie Wade tour)

James Wade (Jennie Wade tour)

Mr. E.J. Culp (Jennie Wade tour)

ghostly images tours & gifts store front with guide and 2 ghosts You will be provided with a description of your ghostly guide for the evening upon receiving your tickets. Please note: This tour is one of our scariest and may not be suitable for children 10 and under. The tour is 90 minutes long and requires climbing some steps within the buildings and some light walking in the vicinity. Be sure to bring your camera, as you never know what you may capture!  $14 per person (ages 8 and over).

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