The 11th Pennsylvania Infantry is known for many things including courage, persistence, and success. They fought in the first and last infantry battles of the Civil War, including the Battle of Gettysburg on July 1st, 1863. There are many stories that we could share about this brave group however, we could only pick one. So we want to tell you about the infantry’s courageous little friend whose memory is honored to this day.

Situated along Oak Ridge, there stands a monument to honor those, from the 11th Pennsylvania Infantry, that gave their lives. This includes a beloved brindle bull terrier named Sallie. She joined the infantry as a pup and grew up with the 11th as her family. It is said that during the fights she frequently stood at the end of the line barking furiously at the advancing opposition.

On July 1st, 1863 the men of the 11th discovered that their faithful friend was not to be found amongst them after relocating away from the heavy fighting of the Battle of Gettysburg. Days later, after the confederate retreat, she was found laying amongst the fallen soldiers from the first day’s conflict, just barely alive herself. Her comrades nursed her back to health and she served with them for another 2 years!

For the 11th infantry, the Battle of Hatcher’s Run was a sad day only made worse by the loss of their loyal Sallie. Despite a dangerous and murderous battle, the men buried their friend as the battle raged on around them. When they erected their monument, Sallie was not to be forgotten and was included on the front!

Have you seen the monument? If not, we want to invite you to check it out! Even if you have, we’d love to see you again. The monument faces away from the road, towards the field, so make sure you don’t miss the front which is where Sallie’s likeness is depicted. Need more details? Call us at (717) 334-1156 or visit our website.