Team Spotlights

We invite you to learn a little bit about the great people who help make your trip to Gettysburg unforgettable. Here you’ll find team spotlights for some of our awesome team members.

Bonnie Jacoby

At Gettysburg Battlefield Tours, we love getting to know you! But we’d be remiss in our duties if we didn’t introduce ourselves, as well. This month we’d like you to meet our very own Bonnie Jacoby, a Battlefield employee since August 1, 2000. With more than thirty years in the tourism industry, it’s no wonder she’s so good at it!

bonnie Bonnie was born in Leesburg, VA, site of the Civil War Battle of Balls Bluff and a heavily traversed area during the Gettysburg campaign, as it would happen. She moved to Gettysburg in 1966 and graduated from Gettysburg Area High School. She started her career in 1979, working as a secretary at the National Tower, a 307-foot observation tower with a commanding view of the Battlefield. Eleven years later, she was promoted to manager, a position she held for the duration of the Tower’s life. It was demolished on July 3, 2000.

We were happy to have Bonnie join us in August of that same year. She began as a Cashier, selling tickets and answering phones, but it wasn’t long before her skill and dedication paid off and she was promoted in 2002. Today, her duties include updating the website, answering e-mails, advertising, and many others. Keep your eyes peeled for her—she can be seen throughout the Battlefield—and make sure you say, “Hi!”

Jean Swartz

Jean Swartz Years as Guide: 7

Hometown:  Westminster, MD

Favorite Haunted Location in Gettysburg?  Jennie Wade House

Why?  The spirits there seem to have a sense of humor with a Friendly Feeling.  I have experienced several hauntings there including my unexpected performance for the 911 Emergency Center, when the center was called 20 times during my performance, getting bits of my story until a policeman arrived at the door of the Jennie Wade House demanding to know if someone was in distress.  I was touched in the McLain kitchen, spirits played with furniture doors, opening them during stories.

Goal for guests taking your tour:  My hope is that our guests will have a good time while learning there is another realm and it is to be respected.  I hope they enjoy my stories while waiting to see what the spirits may have in store for them.

Any additional comments?  I previously worked for another ghost tour company in Gettysburg and Ghostly Images is by far the best and my favorite company to work for.  Guests have more ghostly experiences here than in previous companies I worked with.

Eric Nelson

Eric Nelson Years as guide:  6

Hometown:  Littlestown, PA

Favorite Haunted Location:  Both the Jennie Wade House and The Orphanage.

Why?  Both buildings have their own personality and their character is defined by the events that happened inside.  Every time I go in either building, it’s very cool to see how they change based on their personalities and the guests who visit.

Goal for guests taking your tour:  To come away with a better understanding of Jennie Wade, the Orphanage, and Gettysburg’s role in the history and haunted history of America.

Any additional comments?  I was born and raised in the Gettysburg area.  I have experience with the paranormal and provide a unique perspective on many things.  I encourage guests to ask me any question they want.

Cheryl Winkelman Cheryl Winkelman

Say “hello!” to Cheryl Winkelman! Cheryl is one of our friendly and knowledgeable Battlefield Bus Drivers, and has been for over 8 years now! After moving to Gettysburg from Northwest New Jersey, Cheryl really grew to know and love the area. She first got behind the wheel in March of 2004, and she hasn’t looked back since (except when backing up or using her mirrors). Her favorite part of the job is meeting people from around the world, and she recommends that all visitors check out the battlefield and the Visitor Center, and to explore all the shops, restaurants, and museums that downtown has to offer.

Cheryl is one of our fantastic tour bus drivers. Learn all about Cheryl in today’s Q&A team spotlight!

  1. How long have you been driving?
    1984 (school bus) started with our company in 2004.
  2. What is your career background?
    Phone Company Representative, School Bus Driver and Bus Driver
  3. Are you from Gettysburg originally?
    No, I’m from Northwest New Jersey
  4. What is your favorite thing about working in Gettysburg?
    Love meeting people from all over the world and United States.
  5. What advice to you have for visitor?
    See downtown Gettysburg for quaint shops, restaurants and scenery.