Battle of Gettysburg FAQ’s

When you are dealing with such rich historical series of events like the Battle of Gettysburg, there may be some questions that pop up as you learn more about this fascinating junction in our nation’s history. Our tour guides go through a rigorous testing process that allows them to answer just about anything you might want to know. In speaking with them and talking with people who are planning on a visit, we’ve put together a list of some of the most common questions we get each day shed some light on this famous battleground.

  • Where is the Gettysburg Battlefield?
    • The Gettysburg Battlefield is located in Adams County, Pennsylvania, and covers areas around and throughout the borough of Gettysburg.
  • How large is the National Park at Gettysburg?
    • The National Park at Gettysburg covers roughly 6000 acres!
  • How many monuments are on the Gettysburg Battlefield?
    • There are a wide range of monuments on the Gettysburg Battlefield and we encourage you to see them all! Offering around 1328 monuments to see, you may need more than a one day trip to see them all.
  • Who put the monuments on the Gettysburg Battlefield?
    • Many of the monuments were placed by the vet1013 erans themselves or the states from which they came. The National Park Service and Gettysburg National Military Park maintains them all.
  • Was there fighting in the town of Gettysburg?
    • There was some fighting in the streets of Gettysburg. Fortunately there was only one civilian casualty during the three days of battle. Unfortunately it was a young girl who was killed when a stray bullet came through two doors and struck her in the back killing her instantly. You can learn more about Jennie Wade and the Jennie Wade house on its history page here.
  • Are there any homes or buildings that were here during the time of the battle?
    • There are numerous homes and buildings that were here during the battle, and some still bear the scars from the fierce fighting that occurred. You can identify these homes or buildings by locating the small plaque between the doors and windows of the building that all say, “Civil War Building 1863.”

We hope this list covers one or more of the questions you may have had about the Battle of Gettysburg, but also understand you may have many more. If you’d like to see them covered in a future blog or want to reach out and find out for yourself, feel free to use our contact page and we’ll be happy to answer them for you!