New to Gettysburg? Let Us Show You Around!

double decker bus heading out for a gettysburg battlefield tour Summer will be over soon, but don’t fret! There’ still plenty of time to plan your family trip to remarkable historic Gettysburg! What’s that, you say? You’ve never been to Gettysburg? Allow us to be the first to help you plan your unforgettable experience!

Today, we want to help you get acquainted with just a sampling of the myriad experiences that historic Gettysburg has to offer. From history to food and everything in between, we’re the local experts to help you plan an unforgettable trip!

Start at the Beginning

We know this sounds a little redundant, so let us explain. For your first stop, we recommend taking a walk around the Gettysburg Museum and Visitor Center. Not only is it chock full of historic artifacts and stories, it also offers insight into other exciting tourist attractions around Gettysburg and helps streamline the rest of your trip.

Whether you’re diving into the beautiful, haunting portrait of Pickett’s Charge in the Gettysburg Cyclorama or inspecting rare Civil War artifacts in the main Museum area, this is the perfect first stop to kick off a memorable trip.

Visit Our Historic Sites

Gettysburg is bursting at the seams with historically-accurate renovated buildings and sites just waiting to be explored. Whether you’re walking through the David Wills House and exploring the very room in which Abraham Lincoln made his final touches to the Gettysburg Address, or standing where Jennie Wade’s mother stood the day a stray bullet passed through the home’s door,  there’s no shortage of history to be seen.

Don’t want to miss the beautiful weather by staying indoors? There are plenty of outdoor sites, too! Stroll through historic Lincoln Square and check out the period-appropriate shops for clothing art, collectibles, and souvenirs; be sure to snap a photo with Honest Abe’s statue outside the David Wills House!

Grab a Bite

One of Gettysburg’s many claims to fame is our incredible culinary scene. With it being your first trip to Gettysburg, we highly recommend trying out one of our fabulous restaurants famous for their period dining. Experience cuisine enjoyed by the townsfolk of historic Gettysburg and fully immerse yourself in the Civil War-era culture.

Restaurants such as the Dobbins House offer beautiful, authentic period dining options for the entire family to enjoy. Looking for a different dining option? Gettysburg is home to plentiful upscale or casual dining choices as well!

Take a Battlefield Tour

Of course, what’s a trip to Gettysburg without seeing the site that made it famous? Explore the sprawling countryside that was once home to the bloodiest battle in the Civil War and stumble upon the 1,400 monuments and statues scattered across the battlefield.

The best way to experience Gettysburg Battlefield is through a licensed tour group – hey, that’s us! Allow our knowledgeable tour guides to lead you through these hallowed grounds and experience first-hand the staggering amount of history that occurred in those few hot July days. Make sure to grab your tickets to our bus tour or walking tour soon – give us a call at 877-680-TOUR or check online for our tour times! We look forward to meeting you for your first Gettysburg experience!