Planning the Perfect Group Trip: Everything You Need to Know

Group standing in front of a Gettysburg monument

Planning a trip for a large group sounds like a daunting task, but when handled correctly, it can be a simple and rewarding experience. Of course, we would love for you to come and visit us – let the professional group tour organizers at Gettysburg Group Reservations do the planning for you! Or, take these tips and apply them to your next group trip to Gettysburg for the experience of a lifetime!

Determine a Group Leader

We know this may seem obvious, but one (or two!) of the people in the group may be better equipped to coordinate the logistics of a large trip than others. Choose a leader (or let the group vote if you have a decisive group of folks) and let them be the point of contact for the entire trip. Typically, people who enjoy planning trips like this will do a better job and plan a better experience than someone who hates organizing events!

Create Common Ground

A good place to start is a simple group text or email – this creates a common location for all of the trip information to be placed so everyone has access to it. Creating a spreadsheet can help organize information as well; a spreadsheet with every participant’s name can be ideal for tracking amounts paid toward the trip, food allergies, scheduling conflicts, and more.

Do Your Research

No matter where you’re going, you’ll need to research the area. Determining where you’ll go to eat, how you’ll get around, and other activities surrounding the main event is extremely important in planning a streamlined, stress-free trip. The professionals at Gettysburg Group Reservations are well-versed in the amenities in the area, so ask questions! Want to do it yourself? Sites like TripAdvisor give great restaurant and hotel recommendations, and Airbnb and even Groupon reward group reservations with discounts quite often.

Split Duties

Trying to plan a large group trip by yourself, or even just with a couple of other people, can be a real challenge. Splitting duties between as many people as possible and consolidating results in a spreadsheet cuts down on the amount of work everyone has to do, and makes the group leader’s job a whole lot easier. One person may hunt down a good restaurant for dinner, while another researches transportation or parking details. In the end, everyone has a hand in making the trip a success, so everyone has a portion of the trip to be proud of.

With these tips in mind, book your next group trip to Gettysburg today! Give us a call at 877-680-TOURS or check out our calendar of events to get started. Hurry, tours sell out fast! We look forward to seeing you soon!