The Devil’s Kitchen

Almost everyone has heard of Devils Den and at least visited it once, but have you heard of The Devils Kitchen? If you park at the parking space in front of Devils Den and cross the little wooden bridge over Plum Run creek and turn left, you begin to follow a prescribed path that enters Big Round Top’s woods, and then it’s a short hike to a foreboding group of rocks known as The Devils Kitchen.

This spot doesn’t see too many visitors these days. But if you were to rewind 160 years ago on July 2nd of 1863, the Kitchen saw the advance of Evander M. Law’s and Jerome B. Robertson’s Confederates crossing over this unforgiving terrain on their famous advance towards their assault of Little Round Top.

A rock carving to a Massachusetts soldier was recently discovered. It is believed that is was carved after the battle.

Next time you find yourself at Devils Den don’t forget to pop on over to The Devils Kitchen. It will amaze you and it will surely be a hit with young people. Be aware though that if you choose to depart the path and explore The Kitchen closer you are exploring at your own risk, and you don’t know what creepy things may be lurking or slithering through The Devils Kitchen.


Photo and Blog by Jordan Kroeze