12th Massachusetts Infantry

Located on Doubleday Avenue, near the observation tower in Gettysburg, sits the 12th Mass Infantry monument. The monument is one of twenty-five honoring Massachusetts troops who participated in the battle of Gettysburg. The monument overlooks Oak Ride, an important battlefield and scene of fierce fighting – it designates the place where seven companies of the regiment were placed behind the stone wall on July 1st 1863, pouring a deadly crossfire into Inverson’s brigade.

12th Massachusetts Infantry The 12th Massachusetts infantry is better known as the Webster Regiment raised up from Essex, Norfolk, Plymouth and Suffolk counties. It was organized at Fort Warren and mustered into service on June 26th 1861. The regiment was named after its first colonel, Fletcher Webster, and in honor of his father, Daniel Webster. The 12th brought 301 men to the field during the Civil War, losing 5 killed, 52 wounded and 62 missing.

The monument itself is in the shape of a large granite Minnie bullet that is draped in an American flag. Artistic relief elements include a medallion of Daniel Webster’s profile with a cartridge box, sling and bayonet on the base.

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