Regimental Flank Markers

regimental flank markers








Located throughout the battlefield and often mistaken for graves, these small, rectangular stones are known as regimental flank markers. They are placed on either side of monuments or cannons and note the extreme ends of particular regiments or batteries. Engraved with the regimental/battery name and number and bearing the letter R or L (or sometimes RF or LF), these markers will assist the visitor to visualize the line that was formed by that unit. Fighting, in lines, shoulder to shoulder these stones tell you how far the line stretched and which direction the men were facing. Quite frequently the stones for different units will be found right next to each other on the field. For example, the right flank marker for one unit will stand directly next to the left flank marker of its neighbor in line helping one better grasp the infantry and artillery tactics of the 19th Century.