Memorial to 8th Illinois Cavalry

8th Illinois Calvary Front
Located on Reynolds Avenue & dedicated on Sept. 3, 1891 is the memorial to the 8th Illinois Cavalry. This is one of three monuments the State of Illinois erected in 1891. This particular monument has quite a few stories to tell.  It stands, number one, on the site once occupied by the 8th New York Cavalry. The New York marker was moved down the road (southerly) to accommodate the present occupant because Illinois was in this location first. Should you care to look at the flank markers (which have not been changed) you will notice they still reflect the information for the New York troopers. Perhaps the most intriguing part of this monument, however, is the single name found etched on the rear of the marker: David Diffenbaugh.  No explanation will be found on the marker as to why this name is here. Private David Diffenbaugh was the regiments sole fatality at the Battle of Gettysburg & his sacrifice was remembered by his comrades. He is interred in the National Cemetery – Row A, Grave 4 of the Illinois Section.

8th Illinois Calvary Back