Trial of Rosa Carmichael

This hour-long dramatic presentation will introduce you to the story of the Children’s Homestead Orphanage, which existed here in Gettysburg from 1866 to 1877.

The story of the happy early years will set the stage for the dark years that followed.  Our cast will take you through the trial of the Head Mistress Rosa Carmichael.  The cruel treatment of these poor children will be explored through the testimony of witnesses.  The lawyers will argue their cases and Rosa will try to justify her actions.  In the end, the Judge will allow you (the Jury) to proclaim Rosa innocent or guilty.  Will you accept your summons to attend this one of a kind event while here in Gettysburg?

Due to the subject matter, which includes child abuse, not recommended for young children.  Parental discretion is strongly advised!  (Disruptive persons will be asked to leave—no refunds).  Admission to this event is $20

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Trial of Rosa Carmichael
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