Adult (ages 8+) Jennie Wade Walking


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THE JENNIE WADE TOUR (Since 2003) Included in this tour is a journey around the South side of town that traverses the area of East Cemetery Hill. You will stop for curious tales of ghostly soldiers, heartbroken women, Poltergeists and other assorted ghostly encounters. You will enter through the same door where a bullet passed on July 3, 1863 and killed Jennie Wade, making her the only civilian to die during the battle of Gettysburg. The ghostly tales of this house have been recorded in numerous books and holds the proud distinction of being on the Travel Channels list of haunted houses. In October 2008, it was featured on television’s Most Haunted and was singled out by the lead investigator as the MOST HAUNTED IN GETTYSBURG. You may also have seen the Jennie Wade House in segments on Ghost Adventures, Ghost Lab, Haunted History and recently GHOST HUNTERS. The stories alone are chilling enough but now through modern technology provided by Ghost Researchers, we have evidence that cold spots roam the stairs and rooms, chains swing freely for no reason, rocking chairs move when vacant. The voice of a small boy calls out “Play With Me” and a man calls from the cellar, “We’re down here”.

This tour is approximately 90 minutes