4 Facts You May Not Know About the Battle of Gettysburg

At Gettysburg Battlefield Tours, our claim to fame is knowing all about the Battle of Gettysburg (obviously). However, there are lots of little details about the famed battle that many people don’t know.

Today, we want to spill some lesser-known facts about the Battle of Gettysburg, and maybe give a few interesting facts you did know, but a bit more in-depth. After all, there’s always more to learn about the Battle of Gettysburg! Continue reading

Lesser-Known Gettysburg-Goers: Mary Wade

bullet hole in door of jennie wade house Some Gettysburg folks get all the fame; don’t you agree? Today, we want to touch on a couple of “background” characters who actually played a crucial role in the history of Gettysburg – specifically, the only civilian death in the Battle of Gettysburg.

Mama, Didn’t Mean to Make you Cry

Jennie Wade is famous, all right – but for all the wrong reasons. Jennie was 20 years old during the Battle of Gettysburg. She was busy baking bread for the soldiers fighting outside her door when a stray bullet found its way into the home, striking Jennie in the back and killing her instantly. Continue reading

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Scary Ghost Stories and Tales of Glories–Saturday Nights in December


On Christmas Eve 1863 the Mother of Jennie Wade, Mary, was still coping with the death of her 20 year old daughter.  Jennie was the only civilian to die during the infamous battle when a stray bullet passed through two doors striking her in the back before passing through her heart.

Tonight the spirit of Mary Wade has returned to the scene of that tragic death as she painfully tries to make sense of just how it all came to be.

You are invited to join her in her time of need as she retells the tale once again.  Follow her as she makes her way through the house, just as the family did in 1863, to the cellar where Jennies’ body was placed as the battle raged on outside.

Saturday Nights in December at 5 PM.  Cost:  $15 per person.

Warm in the Winter: Keeping it Toasty in Gettysburg This Winter

gettysburg winter It’s getting pretty cold outside! By now, the holiday rush is in full swing; what better place to get away from the madness than historic Gettysburg? We can think of a few ways to keep you nice and warm, even if the snow is falling down.

Many folks think of Gettysburg only for the walking battlefield tour, which would be a little chilly this time of year. However, there are plenty of indoor attractions to enjoy in Gettysburg all winter long; stay warm, come visit, and enjoy the holiday season with us! Continue reading

Mary Wade, Jennie’s Mother, Special Appearance

Mary Wade, Jennie’s Mother, will be making a special appearance on the history tour at the Jennie Wade House on Saturday, November 23rd, 2019 from 3 PM – 5 PM.  Space is limited.  Stop by the Jennie Wade House, 548 Baltimore Street, Gettysburg, PA  17325 day of event to purchase your tickets in advance.

Remembrance Day–Saturday, November 23, 2019

An annual event commemorating Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address and the soldiers’ sacrifice at Gettysburg.  Featuring a parade of Civil War era troops at 1 PM, following traditional route from Lefever Street, to Baltimore Street to Steinwehr Avenue.  Includes wreath laying ceremonies and a luminary remembrance in the Soldiers’ National Cemetery at dusk.  Most events are free tot he public.  Call 717-334-1124, ext. 8023 or 877-874-2478 for details.