Christmas Gift Ideas For The Whole Family – Holiday Gift Guide 2020

Finding the perfect Christmas gifts for those you love can be stressful! That’s why we’ve put together this handy list of Christmas gift ideas for the whole family – for the kids, for parents, for grandparents, or for others in your immediate or extended family.

Keep reading for ideas and inspiration, and don’t forget to consider “experiential” gifts too, such as gift cards to events, classes, tours, massage, etc. Sometimes those are the most meaningful gifts of all! Continue reading

A Civil War Christmas: The Only Civilian Death of the Gettysburg Battle

jennie wade house mantel decorated for christmas Jennie (Mary Virginia) Wade, a seamstress living in Gettysburg during the mid-19th century, pines for the love of her life, Johnston (Jack) Skelley, an Army soldier of 87th Pennsylvania. He is in Virginia fighting for the Union.

In July of 1863, the Confederate Army, led by Gen. Robert E. Lee of Northern Virginia, launches the Gettysburg Campaign, and the rages of war envelope the town. Civilians are caught between the battlefronts and forced inside to seek shelter in their basements. Continue reading

Scary Ghost Stories and Tales of Glories–Saturday Nights in December (CANCELLED)



On Christmas Eve 1863 the Mother of Jennie Wade, Mary, was still coping with the death of her 20 year old daughter.  Jennie was the only civilian to die during the infamous battle when a stray bullet passed through two doors striking her in the back before passing through her heart.

Tonight the spirit of Mary Wade has returned to the scene of that tragic death as she painfully tries to make sense of just how it all came to be.

You are invited to join her in her time of need as she retells the tale once again.  Follow her as she makes her way through the house, just as the family did in 1863, to the cellar where Jennies’ body was placed as the battle raged on outside.

Saturday Nights December 5th, 12th & 19th at 4 PM & 6 PM.  Cost:  $15 per person.

Plan Your Civil War Road Trip Starting at Gettysburg

gettysburg cannon in the fall For Civil War buffs and history lovers alike, Gettysburg is among the top destinations for a Civil War road trip. What better place to start your trip than the very town in which the Union Army ended the Confederacy’s chances of invading the North and triumphed in its attempt to remain “one nation, under God.”

Plan a weeklong vacation in Gettysburg, where our historic guided bus tours let you experience the battlefields in comfort and where the Seminary Ridge Museum provides three floors of Civil War exhibits (Open Thursday-Monday though November 1st, then Friday & Saturday only through it’s closure on November 23). The Gettysburg National Military Park enables you to learn all about the people and the places that make up the battle!

There are so many venues in Gettysburg to help you experience the three-day battle and its historic significance that you could easily spend a week in town and never get bored.

But for those ready to expand their Civil War Road Trip, we offer the following destinations you should add to your itinerary either as your next destination stay or as a trip out and back. Continue reading

Enjoy an Extended Stay in Gettysburg This Fall

gettysburg tree changing to fall colors behind a statue Autumn in Gettysburg offers history buffs one of the best vacation experiences available. Historic Gettysburg offers so many things to do in the fall, not only centered around Civil War history, but also focused on fall foliage, amazing scenic vistas, apple fests, ghost tours, and more.

Celebrate history and harvests this fall!

Battlefield Tours

Our Gettysburg bus tours feature our beloved Licensed Battlefield Guides. Visitors can board our double-deck buses to get an unobstructed view of the battlefields and be transported back in time to the War Between the States. The bus tour will make a definite imprint on your memory long after your getaway to Gettysburg. Continue reading

Gettysburg Travel & Entertainment in the Time of Corona

wwii in Gettysburg group with masks on COVID-19 has interrupted many travel plans. But that doesn’t mean you have to remain bored at home! Gettysburg Battlefield Bus Tours and the Town of Gettysburg have taken a lot of measures to offer safe, affordable, and fun entertainment options during this pandemic.

So, do you need to get out of the house? Need a safe break from the monotony of quarantine? We have put together a few of our favorite spots to eat and hang out in Gettysburg—with social distancing and safety precautions in place!

Thank you to Destination Gettysburg as well for help compiling these resources. For an even more extensive list, visit their site today!

Places to eat

Of course, we couldn’t start out without sharing some of the best places to relax and grab a bite in Gettysburg. All of these restaurants offer multiple dining options: carryout, delivery, and curbside pickup. Many of them are offering both indoor and outdoor seating! Continue reading

mary edwards walker

Unsung Civil War Heroes: Mary Edwards Walker

We would be remiss in our efforts to celebrate American history if we were to forget the contributions of one of the only women in American history to receive the Medal of Honor. Mary Walker Edwards is a hero in our book for her contributions to the Civil War, to America, and to its prosperity. Mary was a hero among heroes; she was a Doctor, Surgeon, Abolitionist, and staunch advocate for the rights of women.

Her Younger Years

Walker was born on November 26th, 1832, in the city of Oswego in upstate New York. The daughter of abolitionists and free thinkers, she was encouraged from a young age to care about the rights of all people. Committing herself very early on to gender equality and the rights of women, she was known for wearing pants instead of skirts and dresses, even as a little girl. Continue reading

Ghostly Images–Welcome Back! Daily operation began June 9th

We resumed our regular tours where you enter the building on Friday, June 19th  Space is limited.  Advance ticket purchase recommended.  Tickets can be purchased online at or by calling Ghostly Images after 3 PM (717) 334-1156 or tickets can also be purchased at Gettysburg Tours (877) 680-8687.