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Wesley Culp – Down on the Farm – continued

let the spirits be with you book cover Over time I had allowed this story to fade into the recesses of my mind. It wasn’t until the summer of 2003, that their tale was again resurrected. One evening after doing a Ghost tour, a man in a military uniform approached me and asked if I knew of any ghost stories that took place in the vicinity of the Culp Farm. After a moment, I said that I did and asked him if he had any to tell me.

He was stationed at Quantico, Virginia and had just completed a seminar at the Army War College in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. He had taken his wife along on the trip and they were spending a few days in Gettysburg before returning home. A friend from Quantico who had visited the battlefield a year earlier told them this story that stirred their interests in ghosts. One evening while jogging along East Confederate Avenue, he had noticed what he thought was a lone confederate soldier in the field off to his right. He said he waved but he got no response. One hundred feet or so further along, there was what appeared to be the same image on his left, sitting on a rail fence. He stopped in disbelief, quickly he turned to look back at the first figure and it was gone. He spun around to the second soldier and couldn’t believe that that one also now was gone too. Standing there in the middle of the road, he felt that he was not alone. Something or someone was right there with him. It was then that he first experienced a strong smell of what he described as “sweat and wet wool”. Not wishing to tempt fate or anger the unknown, he quickly jogged out of the park.

I then told the soldier and his wife the story I had been given years before, by the Scoutmaster. They said that they had doubted their friends’ tale, but after hearing my story, they were not quite so sure. After giving them my business card, we said good night and went our separate ways.

A week later, I received a call from Virginia. It was the soldier from the tour. He and his wife had gone out exploring on their own the next night. They ventured down the road near the Culp farm. As they walked along in the dark, they were sure that they were being followed, but there was no one behind them. They stopped a few times along the way and snapped some pictures into the darkness with a 35 mm camera. After the third picture, they both heard a man’s voice say, “stop” and then heard what sounded like footsteps running off into the woods. Startled and a little scared they decided to call it a night. After arriving home, they finished off the roll of film and had it developed. To their surprise, tow of the photos had caught ghostly images. One had a large orb off to the right; the other had a hazy film covering the bottom left corner. They were excited to find that ghosts really do reside in Gettysburg.

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