Raising the Spirits

Vol. III “Raising Your Spirits” – MCCREARY’S UN-WELCOMED GUEST

Raising the Spirits On the South/East corner of Baltimore Street and LeFever Avenue you will find Alumni Park. Many times on warm summer evenings in the pleasant surroundings at the Park, a sudden chill passes among the visitors sending a chill through the body and causing goose bumps to rise.

Visitors here are sometimes treated to a ghostly image of a Confederate soldier standing off in the distance watching, waiting and sometimes pacing anxiously back and forth.  If you are brave enough to stay and watch this spirit, don’t be surprised if he starts to walk toward you. Be brave and hold your ground.  He always vanishes before he reaches anyone.

This same spirit has been observed rising up out of the ground and then standing perfectly still, staring up toward the west.  Some think he is looking into the large Sycamore tree but he is not!  He is staring at the home of Samuel McCreary.  You cannot see it because it no longer exists, but at the time of the battle, the two story brick building stood on this property providing shelter to the McCreary family.  It was identical to the Twin Sycamore building just across the street.  Unfortunately in 1951 it was demolished to make way for the entrance to the new school property to the east.

During the battle, Confederate sharpshooters from Louisiana were quite active firing at E. Cemetery Hill from positions in the house here at the south edge of town.

(To be continued in June’s Newsletter)