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For those looking for the ULTIMATE GHOSTLY LATE NIGHT ADVENTURE, we have a dare for you to spend Midnight in a Haunted House. This challenge could take you INSIDE the Haunted Orphanage on Friday Nights or The Jennie Wade House on Saturday Nights.  This is a 90 minute adventure INSIDE a truly Haunted House where your guide will attempt to Scare You to Death with some of the Most Terrifying Stories Imaginable! Are these stories true or did we make them up to give you nightmares?  Find out at the end of the tour!

Did we forget to tell you that the LIGHTS GO OUT AT MIDNIGHT! So Beware!

The Orphan Adventure is held every Friday Night May 26th through November 3rd, The Jennie Wade Adventure is held every Saturday Night beginning May 27th through November 4th.  Tours begin an 10:30 PM.

So whether your curiosity draws you to The Jennie Wade House for the tragic story of her death or you are fascinated by the tales of the Orphan Children who were brought to Gettysburg for a new life, but found only sadness and misery at the hands of Rosa, a cruel headmistress, Ghostly Images Tours is the ONLY one who can take you into these unique sites.

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**Either Truth or Scare Tour may not be suitable for young children**

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