Truth or Scare

Beginning in April 2020, Ghostly Images will once again be offering their popular, “Truth or Scare” Tours.
This unique tour gives the participants the opportunity to use their detective skills and to closely observe the details in each story, to determine whether the tales are true or if they were made up to scare the guests to death.
The guides job will be to convince you that each story is factual, while your mission is to decide, if the tale really happened or is the guide trying to fool you.
There will be three completely different tours:

#1. (TS) The Southside Tour—This is the original Truth or Scare Tour and is ALL OUTSIDE. It will begin on the Gettysburg Battlefield Tours parking lot and continue with a leisurely stroll covering approximately five blocks along South Baltimore Street, a few back streets, and down an alleyway. The tour will be stopping along the way for a variety of stories, legends, folklore and, of course, our own make believe tales. At the conclusion of the journey, the guests are given the opportunity to guess which stories were true or if they were created to scare you.

#2. (TSW) The Jennie Wade Scare—You will begin outside the Jennie Wade House where the only civilian to perish during the battle of Gettysburg died on July 3, 1863. It will include a few outdoor stories before entering the historic structure for a room-by-room journey while being entertained along the way with stories of tragedy, haunts, and death. However, are the tales true? You need to decide before ending the adventure in the cellar where your guide will disclose the truth.

#3. (TWO) The Orphanage Scare—The stories begin outside in the “Old Gettysburg Village” which in the 1800’s was the rear yard of the National Homestead Orphanage, a home for children whose Fathers had died during the Civil War. After a successful start, the orphanage eventually fell, as horrible stories of child abuse began to circulate. Your guide will be spinning the terrible history with the scary tales of supernatural activity as you move through the rear assembly room, dining room and cellar. As you sit in the cellar where the children were chained to the walls, you will find yourself wondering, are all those stories true? Or, are some of these stories created to make you wish you were somewhere else!

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