Jennie Wade/Haunted Orphanage Combo Tour

Early Saturday Night Jennie Wade/Haunted Orphanage Combo Tour

For those looking for the ULTIMATE GHOSTLY ADVENTURE.  This challenge will take you INSIDE the Haunted Orphanage and The Jennie Wade House.  This is a 90-minute adventure INSIDE two Haunted Houses.

Not only will your journey take you through two of the most haunted buildings in the world but also you have the rare opportunity to do it IN THE DARK! (Minimal lantern light provided on stairs).

Daylight Combo:  This is an early version of the Late Night Adventure held on Saturday Evenings in October and November 7th.  Although it may be bright outside you should be warned that its always DARK INSIDE THE ORPHANAGE!

So whether your curiosity draws you to The Jennie Wade House, for the tragic story of her death or you are fascinated by the tales of the Orphan Children, who were brought to Gettysburg for a new life, but found only sadness and misery at the hands of Rosa, a cruel headmistress, Ghostly Images Tours is the ONLY one who can take you into these unique sites.

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Jennie Wade/Haunted Orphanage Combo Tour
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