Tools of the Trade

The two-hour, escorted, visit to either the Jennie Wade House or the Haunted Orphanage is not to be missed by anyone seriously interested in the ghosts tragedy leaves behind.

How to get the most out of your time? Bring the right gear.

Steve Gonsalves, of SyFy’s reality television show, “Ghost Hunters,” has access to everything from EMF (electromagnetic field) detectors to ion generators. But, some of his equipment is much more low tech, and easily obtained and used by anyone who wants to increase their chance of a sighting.

It is common for visitors to feel a drop in temperature when there is an entity present. This is thought to be caused by an energy draw from the air in the room to the entity as it tries to form. A cold spot results.

A digital thermometer, with a wand or a probe, easily measures the ambient temperature and gives consistent readings that let the user know when there is a significant change in temperature. A drop in temperature of 15-40 degrees Fahrenheit indicates that there may be an entity near by.

A portable microphone, that transmits to a receiver hooked up to a computer, is also invaluable. It can pick up sounds, and let the user hear the noises– but at a distance. Because the user isn’t physically present, there is less disturbance and a greater chance that paranormal activity will occur.

Special software is required for most computers to record sound—so make sure you have the whole system: mic, transmitter and a computer with the appropriate software.

Finally, the goal for many people, aside from the thrill of a sighting, is capturing the experience.

A digital video camera will work in some cases, but the addition of an infrared illuminator beam will make the camera’s ability to “see” entities much higher. The camera will display, and record, sights not easily seen by the naked eye. The infrared will also allow the camera to operate in complete darkness.

Whichever technology and equipment you bring, be prepared for two hours of paranormal investigation and observation that are not, at all, normal.

*Ghostly Images Investigations are priced per 2 hour investigation. Availability is limited, so please call at least 1 month in advance. Click Here for more information.