TikTok Features Gettysburg Ghost Videos; Ready to Make Your Own?

Have you seen the TikTok video of the Gettysburg ghost near the cannons? How about the video of the ghost near the Wheatfield near the battlefield?

Several intriguing Gettysburg ghost videos exist out there and while we cannot confirm their authenticity, we can tell you that our Ghostly Images of Gettysburg tours are among the most popular things to do in this historic town. Many visitors have shared stories of their own in-person “lost spirits of Gettysburg” experiences.

We also offer walking tours, starting at the Haunted Orphanage of Gettysburg and continuing to other venues where paranormal activity occurs or has occurred.

Only 15 percent of people who experience a ghost actually see a ghost. You might experience a ghost with other senses. For instance, guests may smell piped tobacco or cigar smoke at the Gettysburg Battlefield when no smokers are on site.

This Sensing Ghosts video explains more.

Civil War Ghost Stories

Following are a few Gettysburg ghost stories shared by visitors to the area:

  • A history buff and his brother staying in a nearby hotel room were awakened at night when the brother ran to the door to find the source of men yelling and cannon firing. However, he was the only one who heard such noises.
  • A visitor laying on his stomach to get a soldier’s view at Little Round Top felt someone lay a hand on his shoulder and whisper, “I see ‘em.”
  • One guest who stayed at the David Stewart Farm says water faucets turned on and off on their own.

Gettysburg Ghost Videos

Enjoy these Civil War ghost videos and then start planning your trip to Gettysburg. You just might get the chance to record your own Gettysburg ghost sighting.


Collection of Gettysburg Ghost Videos on TikTok.


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