Jennie Wade House

The Top 5 Gettysburg Attractions

Visitors coming to explore Gettysburg and its many attractions typically have an extensive to-do list as there is so much to see and do. We generally recommend staying several days to really appreciate all of it. Frequently we hear guests say how much they wish they had more time to check out another museum or monument. In an effort to help you select some of the best Gettysburg landmarks to visit, we’ve comprised a list of our top five “Can’t Miss” Gettysburg Attractions.

  1. Jennie Wade House Jennie Wade House – The Jennie Wade house is a relic to the only civilian casualty of the war. The Jennie Wade House museum allows you to explore a Civil War era homestead and explains the tragic story of Jennie Wade.
  2. Gettysburg Battlefield Diorama – Any history buff will find great value in this diorama featuring over 20,000 hand-painted figures and 30 minute light and sound show. This will take you through the entire Battle of Gettysburg and covers the over 6000 acres as it appeared at the time, all in 3D! Visitors will experience the battle through the eyes of General Lee and Meade.
  3. The David Wills House – David Wills was a Gettysburg attorney whose home was not only at the center of the battle, but also played a very important role in our nation’s history. This house was where the massive clean-up process began following the Battle of Gettysburg. It also was where Lincoln put the finishing touches on the famous Gettysburg Address.
  4. Wax Abe Lincoln Hall of Presidents & First Ladies – If you want to experience our presidents and their wives, the Hall of Presidents & First Ladies is a must see. These life-like wax figures give you a sense of what our nation’s presidents and first ladies looked like and dressed like, and tells you their stories through their own mouths.
  5. Soldiers National Museum – Formerly the Soldier’s National Orphanage, this museum features amazing relics and artifacts from the Civil War, all in one location. Follow every battle, witness the life-like Confederate encampments and experience the building’s history through our free exhibit!

As we said before, there’s so much to see and do and this list should by no means be considered expansive. You could make an entire day out of just these five Gettysburg Attractions. Since many of our visitors do plan this, we offer discount packages that feature three (5-7 hours of entertainment) or all five (7-9 hours of entertainment) attractions. If you’d prefer to check out something else, that’s no problem either as we have several other great attractions to choose from, including the Lincoln Train Museum and Gettysburg Heritage Center.

If you’d like to learn more about our attractions or other great spots to visit on your next Gettysburg trip, feel free to comment below or contact us and we’d be happy to help!