Memory Monument for James Getty

The Lincoln Train Museum

The Lincoln Train Museum on Steinwehr Avenue opened in 1969 as a replica of the famous Gettysburg Train Station. Railroads played a significant part in the Civil War, and the original owner Ken Rohrbaugh wanted to make sure this fact wasn’t forgotten. Today current owner James Kralik, a licensed battlefield guide, carries on this vision and shares with visitors the history of the Maryland and Pennsylvania Railroads and how trains began.

Memory Monument for James Getty When you visit the Lincoln Train Museum you are invited to take a walk through American history and pay tribute to those who have helped mold our great nation in a simulated funeral train ride. This ride provides you a great feel for what it might’ve been like when Lincoln’s funeral train passed over some of our local Gettysburg rails on his way back to Springfield Illinois for burial.

We frequently hear from visitors that James Getty, famed Lincoln impersonator, really helps history come alive in the visual presentations at the Lincoln Train Museum. Be sure to stop by the monument out front if this holds true for you as well, which was dedicated in his honor on November 21st, 2015.

The Lincoln Train museum offers an interesting display of model trains, period attire, train bells, steam whistles, gauges, and other memorabilia, and is a great option we include in our Value Plan for you to explore on your Gettysburg visit. Learn about other great options in the Value Plan, including the Seminary Ridge Museum, the Jennie Wade House Museum, and the David Wills House through the links provided.