The Legend of Jennie Lives On

As many of you know, the Jennie Wade House is rife with legend and lore. There is one legend we see come true time and time again: the Legend of the Lucky Bullethole. In fact, it just happened again last month! We received the following email:


Just last weekend, on Saturday afternoon, September 1, 2012, my boyfriend and twelve year old daughter took the tour through the Jenny Wade house. When the tour guide was talking in the kitchen of the house, my boyfriend pointed out the small sign above the bullet hole in the door saying if you put your ring finger through the hole, you will be engaged within the year. My twelve year old daughter, Anna, and I both put our ring finger through the hole for fun. The tour guide even joked with us about it.

I just wanted you to know that the very next morning, my boyfriend proposed! We are planning a Fall 2013 wedding. It is fun to tell the story of the Jenny Wade House tour when we are telling people about our engagement.



Congratulations, Carol and Steve! From all of us here (including Jennie), we wish you blissful nuptials!

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