The Ghostly Images Legends & Showcase

Do you seek out ghosts? Do you get a chill when taking night time countryside drives? If you could, would you explore a haunted house at night? If this sounds like you then we want to invite you to experience our Ghostly Images Legends & Showcase. We promise that you won’t leave without experiencing a chill or two.

In our Ghostly Images Legends & Showcase you will explore haunted houses, journey through the eerie countryside and venture into the “other side” through chilling ghost stories dramatized through both sight and sound. Do all of this without leaving the comfort of our climate controlled environment! The entire tour is located inside the original Children’s Orphanage which itself is thought to be haunted.

The Showcase is open for the season on March 19th through November. The cost for adults is $7.25 and children are only $3.50 (ages 6 – 12). If you would like more details or have questions please visit our website, email us, or give us a call at (717) 334-6296 or (717) 334-1156.