The Electric Dynamic Train

The advancement of technology isn’t just about the newest cell phones or faster computers which, is typically how we think of it today. Technology in general has always been a progression of steps that leads us to the next best thing or takes us a whole new direction to a new, not-so-directly related, invention. Computers, phones, and cars are only three examples of how far we have come based on original concepts. This also applies to trains, and being that we specialize in trains at our Lincoln Train Museum, we know a thing or two about the evolution of the rails.

The oldest Model Train on display, in the Lincoln Train Museum, is the Electric Dynamic. This beauty was build from an original concept and spun a new direction. It is said to have been constructed in Philadelphia circa 1882 by a group of men, some of which who worked for Thomas Edison in the Edison laboratory. It was built to show that electricity could be used in other ways and was one of the first electric trains.  Also, we think it is awesome that our display piece is not a hand-made model, as evidenced by the way the engine parts are made. You need to come see it…

Want to visit the Lincoln Train Museum and see the Electric Dynamic? More details can be gotten on our website! Did you miss last month’s featured train? Check out our Freedom Train blog post.