“The Cellar Below” Continued

Raising-the-Spirits-for-web Continuation of “The Cellar Below”.  A story in Raising Your Spirits by Joe Svehla

Part II

…Those who hear these ghostly voices should focus a little harder and maybe hear the cries of pain that still seem to emanate from the souls of those who suffered above in the field hospital. The screams must have been awful as arms and legs were being amputated without the aid of anesthesia or pain relievers. The crying and screaming does still echo today in this remote area, heard by those “lucky” enough to be at the right place at the right time.

There is a brick fireplace built into the South wall of the cellar and today it appears that some long gone resident is still building a fire for warmth or cooking. It may have been fifty years or more since that fireplace has been lit, but that doesn’t stop visitors from experiencing the aroma of wood burning or meat cooking. Also in this area, a ghost seems to be enjoying a cigarette even though there is “No Smoking” allowed.

So be prepared if you visit the Cellar Below. Prepared for a visit into an area where only the spirits know what they have prepared for you!

When the museum above is closed and secured for the evening, there is heard the footsteps, of someone from the other side, pacing on the floor above. Could it be the original owner? The woman who resided here from 1904 until her death in 1955? She may not be pleased that her once proud home has become a haven for visitors and tourists and is anxious to drive them out.

During an evening investigation in February 2006, a number of odd and unexplained events were experienced:

1) Lights were seen in various rooms flickering, while lights in adjoining rooms stayed on with a steady glow.

2) A variety of odors were encountered at different times lasting from a few seconds to minutes. Some of these scents were lilacs, coffee, cigars, cigarettes, roses and a pleasant masculine after shave aroma.

3) One investigator felt that she was touched a number of times.

4) Footsteps were heard on both the first and second floors as well as on the staircase.

5) Photos of “Orbs” were taken. (A form of ghostly energy caught on film.)

It was a unique evening in the Hall of Presidents and we encountered enough unexplainable events to say that the Hall is Haunted.

This concludes the first story in our series. Stop by next month for the first part of another story.

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