The Battle of Broadway, Vol. II “Let The Spirits Be With You”, Story 24 continues…


If this is not enough excitement for you, keep your eyes open.  A lone soldier has been seen in this area limping along, looking for something or someone.  There is no doubt that he is not among the living as you can see the monuments and other features right through this man.  Some say, that he actually comes right out of the painting to take a look into our side.  I really don’t know if that is possible or not, but whoever he is, he must have a deep felt connection with what happened here in the fields north of town.

Recently on a Ghostly Images Trolley Tour as the driver was approaching the Coster Mural his headlights lit up the darkened area.  There to his surprise he clearly saw a young woman in civil war period clothing walking among the monuments.  Knowing that few visitors ever venture to this site during the day—much less at night he was surprised and curious.  As he pulled to a stop he kept a close eye on the woman.  There is no doubt that she had crossed over from the other side.  As surprised as he was to see her there, he was startled to watch her suddenly disappear.  Who she was we may never know.  But that driver will never forget her image and he gladly tells his tale whenever he drives the Haunted Trolley.