Supernatural Bedlam on Baltimore Street (continued)

Ghostly-images-book The second floor was divided into comfortable bedrooms with plenty of room for everyone, but there was a room at the top of the stairs that Anna’s father kept locked. No one including Anna’s mother was to ever enter that room. It was strictly off limits. Anna and her siblings loved to speculate about the contents of the secret room. As children would, they had many imaginary reasons why the room was private–Did Dad keep the family fortune hidden there? Maybe even better than that–a hidden treasure of pirates’ gold or perhaps a whiskey still left over from prohibition where he made home brew? Then again it could be simply a place where their Christmas and birthday gifts were hidden. Brother Jim had a theory that maybe it was not locked to keep the family out, but rather keep something in. Jim may have been right!

It may have been Anna’s imagination but over the years she was sure that she heard knocking sounds, footsteps and many different voices coming from behind the locked door. But what happened in 1946 wasn’t her imagination. Dad had passed away and Mom was moving from the home. So Anna, who had recently moved away from the area returned with her brothers to help their Mother. As they were inventorying and packing what items were left to sell, Albert came across the key to the secret room. The three siblings agree to go in together.

As Al opened the door, a damp, musty odor rushed from the room through the threesome, exposing a room of antique furniture covered with dust and cobwebs. When Al attempted to enter he could not. He rushed out heading down the corridor saying that “he felt nauseated”. Anna and Jim did go into the room but Anna reported a feeling of pressure on their chests as if something was trying to keep them out. As they stood there taking it all in Anna recalls they heard a voice saying, “I am here, I am still here.” At about the same time Anna says she saw a chair began to levitate, a picture fell from the wall and the door slammed shut behind them!

Anna said she and Jim turned and ran from the room never to enter again. When the house was sold, it was sold “as is” with the furniture, dust, cobwebs and ghosts undisturbed.

Whatever secret Anna’s Dad knew about the room, he took it to his grave. Anna had a friend from Gettysburg in the 1950’s who told her that rumors around the Borough said that an evil entity had possessed that house. The friend had also heard that the owner was desperate and was looking into having an exorcism performed. Whether that ever happened or not was unknown to Anna so her story ends here.

During a recent interview with the owner, I found that the hauntings continue to this day. Display areas are disturbed, voices are heard, ghostly footsteps continue to ascend the old wood staircase. The ghostly images of an elderly woman have been seen sitting, staring out the first floor window near the entrance.

Additional stories and information about the The Bedlam on Baltimore Street Story are provided by the owner.

“For Your Information”

Emanuel Bushman built the house in 1901.

A woman named Christine occupied the house during the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. Her last name may have been Rosensteel. She cared for her parents in the house and both parents died in the parlor. (The room to the left as you face the building).

She was a mean recluse who despised children. She would not allow them into the home even if they came with their parents. She spent hours sitting in the alcove (to the right of the door) constantly watching any activity outside.

“Supernatural Activity”

*Inside the door near the register and under the stairs.
1) Clock chimes for no reason. Starts and stops.
2) Coldness is felt near the register and a presence is also experienced.
3) Radio is left on all day & night, it seems to please the spirits and drowns out strange sounds.

1) Soft or maybe barefoot steps are heard coming down the stairs.
2) Perfume has been experienced on the stairs.
3) The owners pet dog sometimes stop and stares as if it’s watching someone.

*Display Areas
1) Platters have fallen off the wall.
2) Cards have flown off display racks.
3) Closet doors have slammed shut when no draft was experienced.

*Bedroom at top of stairs–end of hallway (Christine’s Room)
1) Doorknob turns and rattles.
2) Doors are heard banging–but none have moved when inspected.
3) The light comes on by itself.
4) Tags are removed from sale items.
5) Clothes on mannequin are rearranged.

*Additional Bedroom
1) Air gets let out of air mattress as if the spirits don’t want guests.
2) The owner has seen a spirit standing at the foot of the bed watching her.

*Other Impressions
1) Past owner felt threatened by spirits.
2) Spirit favors men and interacts with them more.
3) Renters in rear apartment say their cat can sense when the spirits are present.
4) A bright glow has been seen under the doors coming from dark rooms. Owner interviewed on Thursday, May 19, 2006.