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Specialty Gettysburg Tours

Even if you’ve been to Gettysburg a dozen times, there’s always something new to experience.  We’re continuously evaluating and introducing tour options that visitors may find fun, educational, or even spooky.

Today we wanted to highlight several unique tour offerings our guests can enjoy in 2018. We encourage you to book early, as tours tend to sell out quickly, especially during the busy season. Some tours are brand new, and some received such positive feedback that we brought them back.

Georgia, Your Sister is Dead – May 19, July 3, September 2, October 6, November 17

It’s 8:30AM on July 3, 1863. Young Jennie Wade has just been killed. Her mother, who witnessed her death, hasn’t had time to comprehend the tragedy. As a ghost, she continues to piece together the events of that day. Now you, as a visitor to the home, have been drawn into the story.

As Jennie’s mother tries to understand what must have happened amid the chaos outside, the spirit of a Union soldier arrives on the scene with a plan to save you all. But can the escape route be opened before any more horrors befall the home and those within?

If he is successful in getting you to the safety of the cellar, you will be greeted below by a curious and haunted man, the fallen girl’s father, James Wade. His spirit has remained here for over 150 years. Having lost his mind in life, he haunts from the afterlife, attacking the integrity of anyone who crosses his path. As he sums up the aftermath of his daughter’s death, you should be prepared for anything this emotional journey might awaken.

This specialty tour runs 90 minutes and is not encouraged for children 12 and under.

Ghost Bus Tour – Most Saturdays throughout summer and fall, and holiday weekends

One of the most exciting and exclusive tours we offer is the Ghost Bus Tour. This nearly two- hour tour takes you past some of the most haunted locations around Gettysburg while regaling you with the area’s most chilling haunted tales. Highlights from this tour include a stop at the famous Sachs Covered Bridge and Gettysburg College. Sound like a piece of cake? Beware, there are strange encounters awaiting. You never know who or what might be looking for you in the darkness…

Are you brave enough to find out?

You will depart the bus twice during the tour; expect some light walking during your stops. Be sure to bring your camera, and keep an eye out for the unexpected!

Late Night Jennie Wade/Orphanage Combo Tour – Saturday nights in April; Friday & Saturday nights May through November 3

For those looking for the ULTIMATE GHOSTLY LATE NIGHT ADVENTURE, we have a dare for you to spend midnight in a haunted house. This challenge will take you INSIDE the haunted orphanage and the Jennie Wade House.  This is a 90-minute adventure INSIDE two haunted houses. This late night tour may not be suitable for young children.

Not only will your journey take you through two of the most haunted buildings in the world, but also you have the rare opportunity to experience it IN THE DARK!

As a bonus feature, your guide will be demonstrating some of the same “Ghost Hunting Equipment” you may have seen on TV and in the movies.  Will the equipment indicate the presence of ghostly activity?  You need to be there to find out!

So whether your curiosity draws you to the Jennie Wade House for the tragic story of her death or you are fascinated by the tales of the orphan children who were brought to Gettysburg for a new life, but found only sadness and misery at the hands of Rosa, a cruel headmistress, Ghostly Images Tours is the ONLY organization that can take you into these unique sites.

Sunset Double Decker Tour – Late June through early August

If the ghostly adventures aren’t quite for you, the sunset double decker tour is a favorite for just about anyone.

Experience the evening serenity of the bucolic Gettysburg Battlefield aboard our famous double decker bus. Ride along as a licensed battlefield guide describes the sights and sounds of the Civil War. At the conclusion of this special tour, you have an opportunity to witness a dramatic sunset over the fields from the perfect vantage point atop Little Round Top.

If you’d like to learn more about these or any of our other Gettysburg tour options, or you would like to purchase tickets, give us a call at 877-680-TOUR (8687). You may also book online through our tour calendar, which includes all pertinent information. If you see a tour that is sold out that you might be interested in, we encourage you to give us a call to see if another tour has been added.