Shirl Knobloch Book Signing — November 14 (11 AM – 2 PM)

Book signing at the Jennie Wade House on Saturday, November 14th from 11 AM – 2 PM.  She will be signing one of her books, Reenactments from My Heart: Spiritual and Supernatural Civil War Fiction and Poetry”.  Stop by and get your copy.

From the Author

I told myself I would NEVER write a Civil War book.   I told my family I would NEVER write a Civil War book.   Today, my fourth book became available……fictional stories of the Civil War.
I wanted to explain what this book is about.   It is not a book about military details, about who led which regiment, who suffered the most casualties, or reasons for the war.   I have seen far more knowledgeable historians criticized by readers with different opinions on which rifle was carried, which button on a uniform was worn, toward which direction soldiers retreated.
This is a book about people, the emotions of people.   Love, fear, grief,  all shared by mothers, fathers, siblings, wives, children and soldiers, themselves.
Beneath whatever uniform, whatever button, whatever rifle or flag was carried into battle, beat the same heart, with the same longing to survive the horrors of war, see homes again, and kiss loved ones once again.
These are my stories; I hope they touch your hearts as well.
Shirl Knobloch

About the Author

Shirl Knobloch works as an artist and intuitive animal communicator. She and her house full of feathered and furry beings divide their time between a New Jersey suburb and her farmhouse in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.