September Born Presidents

September is almost here! If you’re like us, then you will be scrambling to get your fill of outdoor activities before winter ushers in her cold winds. If you enjoy exploring nature then you share something in common with not only us but with the one President who was born in September – William Howard Taft.

William Howard Taft was born on September 15th 1857 in Cincinnati Ohio. He was our 27th president and married to Helen Herron Taft. He was the first president to own a car in the White House, the first president to throw out the first ball to begin the professional baseball season and during his administration, the U S parcel system began.

Taft was fondly referred to as Big Bill due to his large stature both in height and weight. He was 6’2” and 332lbs at the time of his presidency. Interestingly enough, he was the only president to get stuck in the bath tub of the white house and more embarrassingly, on inauguration day. In response to this predicament, he had a 7′ long 41” wide tub installed that could easily accommodate 4 men of average height. Like many of us, Taft struggled with his weight throughout most of his adult life however, after leaving the White House, he shed 80 lbs and became an avid outdoors man which led to the exploration of Alaska.

Big Bill passed away on March 8th 1930 and was the first president to be buried in Arlington National Cemetery. He resides there today with one other president and three chief justices. His grave marker was sculpted by James Earle Fraser and made out of Stoney Creek Granite. While president Taft has passed on from this world, he is not forgotten! There are many things left behind in his name including a Courthouse in the Ohio Court of Appeals in Cincinnati, a law school in Santa Ana, CA, a high school in Chicago and a town in the Philippines. Plus, who can forget a president who gets stuck in a bath tub?

Be sure to check back next month to learn more about October born presidents! In the meantime, if you haven’t already, check out past editions.