Scary Ghost Stories & Tales of the Glories at The Jennie Wade House

On Christmas Eve 1863 the Mother of Jennie Wade, Mary, was still coping with the death of her 20 year old daughter. Jennie was the only civilian to die during the infamous battle when a stray bullet passed through two doors striking her in the back before passing through her heart.

Tonight the spirit of Mary Wade has returned to the scene of that tragic death as she painfully tries to make sense of just how it all came to be.

You are invited to join her in her time of need as she retells the tale once again. Follow her as she makes her way through the house, just as the family did in 1863, to the cellar where Jennies’ body was placed as the battle raged on outside.

Mary Wade invites you to be a part of her story. Spirits still lurk in this historic house. Will you join them tonight for this dramatic journey?

This special presentation of “Scary Ghost Stories and Tales of the Glories” will be presented on Saturday Nights in December at 6 PM. Tours begin at the Jennie Wade House Museum Gift Shop (to the rear of the house) at 548 Baltimore Street, Gettysburg, PA 17325 (717) 334-4100. Advance ticket purchase is recommended at Gettysburg Tours, 778 Baltimore Street, Gettysburg, PA 17325 (717) 334-6296.

Cost is $13 (ages 8 and over) 7 and under free.

Due to impending storm the tour for Saturday, December 14th has been cancelled.  Don’t despair you still have two weeks to catch this unique tour.