Peggy Noel (continued from Volume II, “Let the Spirits Be With You”)

She had been enjoying the stroll along the trail by the water taking in the ambiance of the early morning light, when to her surprise, she saw a woman standing in the creek.  At that point she was surprised that the woman was wearing a long full dress.  She thought it odd that she would be wearing that in summer with the temperatures at 70 degrees and why go out into the water with such an outfit?  She continued down the trail closer to the woman and got a very clear look.  The woman in the creek had her back to the visitor, she was bent at the waist with her hands down in the water.  As Ghostly-images-book she watched this sight, her curiosity turned to horror as slowly the image in the water stood straight up.  Standing there turning toward her was the body of a woman in a colonial costume with no head.  At first she felt she couldn’t move, watching the image coming toward her.  Finally after what seemed like forever, she began to run falling from time to time in the dim light.  She made her way back to the security of her family in the camper.

After hearing the story, the son went to search the creek as the father and daughter cared for Mom.  There was nothing to be found even though he looked for over an hour.  They didn’t know what to make of Mom’s story.  They thought she had certainly seen something, but what?  She was too shaken to be imagining it.  What should they do?  They decided to go on a ghost tour and tell the story, hoping to find an answer.

I don’t know who was more shocked, me at hearing the story of the Mother or the rest of the family, at hearing my reply.  I took them to the side, sat them on a bench and warned them that what I was about to relay to them could be quite disturbing.  They said they needed to know, so I told the story of Peggy Noel.

The response was unexpected.  Dad, daughter and son seemed quite upset even unnerved to hear the ghostly tale.  Mom on the other hand was relieved.  Relieved to hear that others had had similar experiences.  Relieved that now she knew she wasn’t going crazy.  Amazingly, she seemed anxious to go back and see if the ghostly apparition would return again next morning.

I often think about that family.  I wonder how they slept that night next to Marsh Creek.  I continue to hope that I see them again on one of my tours, so I can find out if anything happened the next morning.