Night of Courage/Night of Cowards (continued…)


Just behind the Holiday Inn is a grove of pine, tulip and locust trees roughly six hundred feet from the stone wall. It is very near the sight of that sad event. In that area is often felt the cold, damp air of death, even on warm summer nights. Cold spots seem to wander aimlessly through this grove. It is believed that the spirits of four soldiers are wandering restlessly searching perhaps for revenge.

A story was told a few years ago by a family from North Carolina. They were spending a week in Gettysburg at the Holiday Inn on the third floor in a room facing East. The parents were in the room on the third night with their two year and five year old girls when suddenly their ten year old daughter rushed into the room and excitedly reported that she had been watching four Confederate re-enactors in the woods behind the hotel. She said that as she looked on, she felt they were getting ready to put on some type of display. (It should be noted that the family attends many re-enactments and the ten year old was already becoming a ‘Civil War buff’.)

After hearing the young girl’s story, the father said he decided to humor his daughter by going out to the rail to take a look. Nothing unusual was to be seen, but the girl insisted that it had happened. On the next night as they were all returning to the room after dinner, the father carried the two year old into the room. Mom escorted the five year old inside. The ten year old, still outside, was again treated to the same strange vision down on the ground below, but no one else was there to experience it with her.

On their fifth night at the hotel, the girl couldn’t stop thinking and talking about the strange sighting. She anxiously watched from the rail for ‘her’ vision to appear. After an hour of wondering what was going on in his little girls mind, the father asked his daughter if she would like to go down and explore the area. She rushed down the stairs with Dad to find ‘her’ four re-enactors. As they walked across the area several times Mom watched from the rail above. Finally just before the father was ready to give up, they both felt an extremely cold blast of air pass through them. The father said he felt goose bumps as a low pitch scream was heard in the distance on the Gettysburg Tours parking lot. As the two stared in that direction, they said they saw a ‘smoky figure’ roughly shaped like a man coming toward them. There, in what would have been a head, was a dark shadowy hole. They didn’t wait around to see what he wanted; the father picked up the girl and carried her safely up the stairs to the railing outside their room. Waiting for them was the girl’s mother who added to the story, while Dad caught his breath Mom said that just minutes before she saw them begin to run, she had seen the vision of four soldiers wandering the area. But she hadn’t seen the smoky figure advancing toward her husband and daughter.

Why was that young girl and her family chosen to witness that scene from so many years ago? Young people seem to communicate with the other side much more often than adults. Their minds are open and clear. Older people close that portal as they age choosing to block out belief in the unknown. So if you have children or grandchildren, pay attention if they come to you with strange stories of sighting dead relatives or friends. Someone may be communicating from the other side trying to reach you, through the child.

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