menchey's spring

Menchey’s Spring

menchey's-spring Located at the base of East Cemetery Hill can be found Wainwright Ave. named for Charles Wainwright of the Union 1st Corps Artillery.

Along this road, which was called Brickyard Lane & sometimes, Winebrenner Lane, northern units from New York, Massachusetts & Ohio confronted Jubal Early’s Confederates on July 2, 1863.

Just across Wainwright Ave. & lined by fences is a lesser known spring which was used by both Blue & Gray.  Menchey’s Spring supplied refreshment to union soldiers & also served confederate sharpshooters in their attempts to wrest control of the hill away from the Union forces.

In 1915 the remains of a Union soldier – identified by a US belt buckle & buttons – was found near this Spring. This soldier was re-buried in the National Cemetery.