Marching Infantry and Marching Cavalry

Marching Infantry & Marching Cavalry; everyone has heard about them (& maybe even seen them), but do we really know how far & fast they can go?

The common foot soldier given the command to march at “Common Time” would take 84 seconds to cover 100 yards – the length of a football field. The same soldier marching at “Quick Time” would cover the same distance in 70 seconds. And at the “Double Quick” 40 seconds is all it would take to cover the field.

Marching Cavalry proceeding at a normal walking gait registers about 4 miles per hour. At a slow trot about 6 miles per hour. And at a full gallop about 16 miles per hour.

As you gaze upon the fields of Gettysburg, try to imagine the numbers of men that took part in the battle here – & step back in time (away from today’s high tech military). Hopefully, these figures will give you a better grasp of 19th Century military capabilities.