Great Civil War Projects You Can Build Yourself

Make Your Own Civil War Bugle

What You’ll Need:

  • *Garden Hose (you’ll be cutting up the hose, so make sure it’s okay with your parents before you start.  You can also buy a cheap hose at any discount store for this project.)
  • *Kitchen Funnel
  • *Duct Tape
  • *Garden shears or a sharp knife

Great Civil War Projects You Can Build Yourself What To Do:

  1. Cut about two feet of the nozzle end of the garden hose, keeping the nozzle part on.  The nozzle will be your mouthpiece.
  2. Coil the hose into one loop with the mouthpiece at one end and the cut end at the other.  Duct tape the coil together.
  3. Put the funnel on the cut end of the hose.  If it is too wide to fit inside the hose, you can duct tape it to the end of the hose.

To Play:

In order to play your garden hose bugle (or any brass instrument), you’ll need to press your lips together and make a buzzing noise against the mouthpiece.  This takes a little practice, but by changing the shape of your mouth while buzzing you can make a lot of different notes.  You can even play “Taps” (okay, you won’t sound as good as a regular bugle, but the notes will work).

Music for Taps:



Information obtained from the book, “Great Civil War Projects You Can Build Yourself” by Maxine Anderson is available at Gettysburg Tours.