Lucky Bullethole

Although Jennie Wade’s tragic death prevented her from marrying her fiance, she continues to bring others the joy of betrothal. This letter was sent in by Dana Roberts:


“I visited the Jennie Wade House in July, 2011. Being a single mother of two with no romantic interests, I decided to stick my ring finger in the door’s bullet hole. Less than two months later, I met a wonderful man. He was interested in both my children and me, and things started looking up. Just two months later, he proposed to me, with the blessing of my family. We were married on February 11, 2012.

I never thought this would happen for me. My daughter regularly reminds me of how I had placed my finger in the bullet hole. I know I have someone to thank to helping me find my amazing husband, and that’s Jennie.”


Dana, we wish you all the best, and we know Jennie does, too! Single ladies, why not come to the Jennie Wade House and give it a try…Dana isn’t the first to receive a little help from Jennie!