July Born Presidents

July is only a few days away and we’re back to tell you about the presidents born in that warm, summer month. We think you’re going to enjoy learning more about John Quincy Adams, John Calvin Coolidge, Gerald Rudolph Ford and George Walker Bush. This month we’ve decided to focus on sharing neat facts you may or may not know about our July born presidents.

John Quincy Adams

Some basic details…John Quincy Adams was born on July 11th, 1767 in Braintree Massachusetts which has since been renamed to Quincy. At the time of his birth, the United States had not yet become a country. Since, in honor of Adams, 19 others places in the United States have been named Quincy. He was our 6th president and married to Louisa Catherine Johnson. They had four children: Louisa, George, John and Charles.

Now, onto the fun facts… Did you know that Adams did not belong to a political party? Or were you aware that during his term, an alligator lived in the White House for several months? Don’t worry – you read that correctly. Adams was given an alligator from the Marquis de Lafayette and he allowed it to reside in the White House for a few months! Ever heard of that crazy picture-taking gadget called a Camera? John knew was it was too since he was the very first president to ever have his photo taken. How about Smithsonian Institution – have you visited? He is responsible for that one too…he is the founder. Remember how many presidents have been on a postage stamp? Well, he was featured on the first presidential 6 cent stamp. If there is one thing to say about John Quincy Adams, it would have to be that he certainly had some unusual and great things happen in his life.

John Calvin Coolidge

Some basic details…John Calvin Coolidge was born on July 4th, 1872 in Plymouth Vermont. He was our 30th president and married to Grace Goodhue Coolidge. They had two children: John and Calvin Jr. He was the first president to be born on the fourth of July. He succeeded to presidency on August 3rd, 1923, after Warren G. Harding passed away and was the first president to be sworn in by his father.

A few more interesting facts…his inauguration was the first to be broadcast on the radio, he was the only president to have his portrait on a coin during his lifetime, and his campaign slogan was a fun play on his last name: Keep Cool with Coolidge.

Gerald Rudolph Ford

Some basic details…Gerald Rudolph Ford was born on July 14th, 1913 in Omaha Nebraska. His original name was Leslie Lynch King Jr. however he was renamed after his mother left his abusive father and remarried to Gerald Rudolf Ford. His name was legally changed in December of 1935. He was our 38th president and married Elizabeth “Betty” Bloomer Ford. They had four children: Michael, John, Steven, and Susan.

Were you aware that… he was never elected to be president or vice-president but instead took office upon the resignation first of Spiro Agnew and then of Richard Nixon? Or that he is responsible for Campaign Reform Law and granted Nixon an unconditional pardon in 1974? Did you have any idea that he escaped two assassination attempts? Interestingly enough, they were both by women.

George Walker Bush

Some basic details…George Walker Bush was born on July 6th, 1946 in New Haven Connecticut. He was our 43rd president and married Laura Welch, after a 3 month courtship, in November of 1977. They have two children: fraternal twins Jenna and Barbara. He is the only president to have earned an MBA. Prior to presidency, he was in the Texas Air National Guard and Alabama Air National Guard.

Did you know… that he purchased the Texas Rangers baseball team in 1989? Or that he enjoyed an 81.5% approval rating during his first term as president? And that he and Laura visited Fort Hood in the aftermath of the shooting in 2009 to visit the victims and survivors but requested no press? Most recently, he was involved in establishing, with Bill Clinton, a fund to raise contributions for recovery efforts in Haiti. While Bush enjoys more privacy and anonymity these days, he is actively reaching out to those in need. We admire his decision to do so!

Whew! Is your brain brimming now with all the neat facts we dug up on July born presidents? Take a big breath and then make plans to visit our Hall of Presidents and First Ladies this summer. Bring the family, bring your friends and bring yourself. We have lots more to share about the presidents and can’t wait to see you!