Jones Memorial

Jones Artillery Avenue

Jones Memorial There are quite a few portions of the battlefield that (sadly) see little or no visitation – this is one.

The Confederate artillery battalion of Lieutenant Colonel Hilary Pollard Jones arrived on the fields of Gettysburg on July 1, 1863 along with the Division of Jubal Early of the Confederate 2nd Corps. It went into position in this area & fired with effect on the Union 11th Corps of General Oliver Otis Howard. The artillery fire was halted as Confederate infantry advanced toward the Union positions.

The Battalion was composed of 4 Batteries – Carrington’s, Tanner’s, Green’s & Garber’s.

Green’s Battery found itself involved with the cavalry battles of July 2nd & 3rd. The remaining 3 Batteries, however, remained in position here & were not further engaged after July 1st.

Only 2 Batteries reported their casualties. For the two reporting, there were 2 men Killed & 6 Wounded total for the battle.