The Jennie Wade Legend Continues… A Customer’s Experience

A recent trip to the Jennie Wade house and subsequent events lead to a customer writing in to tell us of her experience. Read her story here.

It was the spring of 2013 and I had ended my three year relationship with my fiancé, we were to be married July 20, 2013 in Pennsylvania the wedding was partially paid for the venue reserved,  gown and flowers bought. I had also planned our honeymoon in Gettysburg. A romantic stay at the Farnsworth House, battlefield walks, candlelit dinners and cocktails for dessert. Instead of taking the loss on the honeymoon like I did on the wedding I decided to take my 3 children along and turn the honeymoon into a family vacation.

Our stay was from July 22-27, 2013. My 38th birthday was July 23, 2013 and that day we decided to visit the Jennie Wade house and take a battlefield bus tour. After our bus tour we went to the gift shop bought our tickets and anxiously waited for the Jennie Wade tour guide. Our guide was very informative and captured the era in her civil war fashions. she told us story’s passed down from generations about Jennie Wade and the Battle that took place around her home. I knew of the marriage legend and decided to stick my finger in the bullet hole after all what were my chances of getting married?, I was on already on my vacation instead of my honeymoon. I first stuck my right ring finger through the lower bullet hole on the door and the guide corrected me that if the legend was to work I needed to place my left ring finger through the bullet hole. I did with a smile and giggled. We enjoyed the rest of the tour and our vacation.

By mid august 2013 I had begun emailing a man online. We liked each other and started to text on our cell phones back and forth getting to know each other. By September 1, 2013 we decided to meet in person. He was from New Jersey and I lived in Pennsylvania so we met half way in New Hope, Pennsylvania. I arrived minutes before he did and as I watched him pull in and park his car I got butterflies. We exited our vehicles and looked into each others eyes his smile was bright and kind and his eyes like home. We hug each other and kissed immediately.  I knew at that moment I had found the man My heart had been searching for,  20 days later September 20, 2013 we married in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

I believe in the magic of the legend of Jennie Wade. I will share our romantic magical love story every time someone’s asks my husband and I “how did you meet?”