J.S. Smith & Company

Have you been to J. S. Smith & Company? If you said no, you’re missing out! This family-run store is the perfect souvenir stop when you’re looking for quality gifts for loved ones (or yourself!). Like leather? Look no further! From Minnetonka moccasins to PA-made Victoria Leather handbags to that snazzy hat you’ve owed yourself for years, they have it.

“But,” as they say, “that’s not all!” You’ll be impressed by the variety of home décor to be found at J. S. Smith & Co., including Americana, John Deere, and even Coke collectibles. And don’t forget TV/movie memorabilia—they’ve got the classics! Betty Boop, I Love Lucy, Gone With the Wind, and more! So stop by 777 Baltimore Street in Gettysburg or call 717-334-6912 today! Open Palm Sunday thru Thanksgiving.