Haunted Bus Tour

GHOST BUS TOUR (Since 2003—updated in 2014)

To add to this adventure and give our guests what they want in a tour we are adding an unexpected twist and scare to the traditional “BUS TOUR”.  On this 1 hour 45 minute journey you will still depart the bus at the Sachs Bridge and starting this year at The Gettysburg College for tales of the unexplained.  But be aware, there are strange encounters awaiting you as you journey the countryside.  Who knows what awaits you in the darkness of the night!  Will you survive?  Will you make it to the end?  Will you DARE TAKE THIS RIDE with the Ghostly Images?

If you choose to join us make reservations early as this popular tour sells out in advance!  (717) 334-6296.

Saturday Nights at 7 PM, October 4th through November 1st .