Halloween Hauntings Tours

With Halloween just a few short weeks away, ghost hunters and those who seek the thrill of the season are looking for some of the best attractions to celebrate the holiday. Why not choose Gettysburg, a hotspot for ghostly activity that has been featured on multiple, popular ghost hunters shows, including Ghost Hunters, Haunted History, Ghost Adventures, Ghost Lab, Most Haunted, and more?  These supernatural adventures offer some of the best entertainment at the best prices you can find. With several ghostly tour offerings held throughout the evening, there’s something for everyone. Check out the description below and see which ones pique your interest. Many of these sell out, so don’t hesitate to purchase your tickets ahead of time.

  • Haunted Orphanage Tour – One of Zak Bagins,’ of Ghost Adventures fame, top 10 freakiest places in the USA, the haunted orphanage tour takes you through an orphanage where a cruel headmistress chained children to the stone walls. You’ll also take a walk around the neighborhood where you’ll hear some haunted tales of the Dobbin House, the National Cemetery, and the Hall of Presidents.
  • Jennie Wade’s Ghostly Encounter Tour – The ghost of Jennie Wade tells you her haunting story as she experienced it. Experience the same frightening encounters Jennie went through years ago.
  • Orphan Ghostly Encounter Tour – The poor orphans of Gettysburg had a cruel headmistress who chained them to the dungeon walls. Hear the unfortunate story of cruelty and abuse straight from your orphan guide, and experience the haunting spirits that now occupy the orphanage as a result.
  • Jennie Wade Walking Tour – Come see where paranormal investigators have found cold spots roaming rooms and stairs, free swinging chains and rocking chairs, and voices of a small boy and man calling from the cellar. This haunting tour takes you through one of Travel Channel’s list of haunted houses, and TV’s Most Haunted’s first place choice for Gettysburg in 2008.
  • Midnight Adventure Tour – If you’re looking for the ultimate scary ghost adventure, why not spend midnight in a haunted house? Friday nights feature the Haunted Orphanage, and Saturdays offer you the Jennie Wade House. Lights go out at midnight, so beware!

As we mentioned above, these tours are extremely popular and sell out ahead of time. If you want to enjoy what Gettysburg has to offer in ghost tours, be sure to call us or visit our calendar to get your tickets to these exciting ghostly adventures. A schedule of events for the first three weekends in October is included below for your convenience. ***UPDATED FOR 2015***